Our Company

For five generations we pass the tradition and love for our work. 

our company

Who We Are

Olivastraia Frantoio Stanghellini is a company located in Metalliferous Hills of upper Tuscany in Maremma which is handed down from father to son and it is currently now in its fifth generation.

Entirely family-run, we personally take care of every task: from care of fields consisting of 5000 plants, to harvest of olives, passing through production of oil by crushing olives in our mill up to direct sale in our store and to personal care (no online shop) of orders for Italy, UE and ExtraUE.

Every day, year and generation we pass on commitment and love for our work and we try to pass it on to you customers through our product…Extra Virgin Olive Oil that you can taste and test directly by us on a hot bruschetta with our company and that of a good glass of red wine.

It is also possible to visit:*

Large silos where we store our oil for whole year.

Continuous oil production plant, made up of state-of-the-art machines of latest generation.

Field that houses our 5000 plants from where whole work cycle begins.

*Service by reservation, all this visit without any kind of cost