Extra Virgin Olive Oil

High quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with the typical characteristics of the excellent Tuscan oil.

our award-winning oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive is born from union of four varieties of olive trees. Union takes place between the fruit of Tuscan variety olive trees, call Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoiano, with fruits of Olivastra, a millenary variety that enriches our olive groves. This blend, studied in precise percentages, generates a high quality oil with an enveloping aroma and fruity scent surrounded by a pleasant “bitter” aftertaste, qualities worthy of the excellent Tuscan oil.
Oil reported several times by “Slow Food” at national level to “CampagnAmica” of Coldiretti for extra virgin olive oil of the metalliferous hills of Massa Marittima.

For production of our EVO oil we only adopt agronomic practices that respect organic regulations.

The crushing of olives and extraction of oil, personal curator, takes place in our oil mill consisting of a system of latest generation machines with continuous production of exclusively mechanical production and characterized by cold extraction.

In our store and for shipments you will find diversity of formats and bottles, from small quantities to larger stocks for home, all rigorously bottled and packaged by hand as our tradition dictates.

Ideal for: cooking and raw.


Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoiano, Olivastra


50 cl - 75 cl - 1 L - 3 L - 5 L

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200 ml